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Every other Sunday from June 13, 2021 until September 4, 2021, you can catch a broadcast From the Garden @ 1:30pm EDT on all major streaming platforms.

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Our Next Show

Our Next Show

We have a double feature for our next show! Here are our musical guests for Sunday August 29, 2021:

Brandon Vollick

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Ryan Kwast

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Muto Productions' From the Garden is a brand new interactive, live interview & session series hosted and broadcasted from a private location in Kingston, Ontario.

Join our live streams where we showcase talented performers that share their music with the world. Tune into our live internet broadcast on several major platforms, giving yourself the chance to witness Kingston's next potential big music act.

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You'll have the opportunity to talk to the hosts and musicians live in our chat on all platforms. After the performance and interview section of the broadcast, we will be facilitating a Q & A with the musical artists and our production team. 


Participate in the stream with live notifications activated by supporting the performers through purchasing their merchandise, their music from Bandcamp, and participate in raffles where you could win prizes from local sponsors.


From the Garden and Muto Productions brings the excitement of a live music event to the comfort of your home.

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