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How your project sounds is an incredibly important part of the audience experience. A high-quality overall sound can make your music, video or audio projects sound polished, professional and engaging. When it comes to the process of producing and honing in the perfect music and sound for your project, we can work with you in several different areas:

Music, film, or any other content that has sound always requires someone to combine and manipulate it well. We will mix the various tracks or audio files you provide to us and make it sound cohesive. After we produce a first mix, we can discuss what needs to be adjusted or changed to your liking. We continue this process until you are satisfied with the finished product.


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After a mix of your project's audio is complete, the final step before distributing it to your fans and consumers is to master it. Mastering the sound of a project means ensuring that it will sound its best on all platforms. Every digital and physical method of distribution has a specific set of audio guidelines and we make sure those guidelines are met. We will provide you with revisions of each master until you are satisfied with the final product.



Sometimes you have a recording you are not pleased with, but you do not have the opportunity to re-record; other times there are elements you want completely removed from a recording. We can often provide our audio restoration services to remove or fix unwanted imperfections in your recording. Reach out to our team to discuss your particular situation.

Audio Restoration



If you need memorable melodies, interesting textures, or thumping, solid beats, we can help to develop them. You can be as involved in the process as you would like. If revisions are requested, we will not stop revising until you are satisfied. Here are the composition services we offer.

Film and Video Content

You have finished recording and now you need to add all the other ingredients, including the music. Whether it's just simple background music or an accompanying score, we can help match the emotional tone of your project. Talk about your goals with the project piece and how you want your audience to perceive it, share a couple visual examples, and we will get you there.

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Interactive experiences are all about immersing the user into the world you lay out for them. The soundtrack is one of the most memorable details in any piece of interactive media -- it sets the tone and the mood in which you aim to convey. Work alongside us during your creative process and we will work to invoke the emotions you want your users to experience.

Video Games and Interactive Media

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Ads and Jingles

Everything is recorded and now you would like to working on the post-production of your ad. Let us help. Whether it's just simple background music or an accompanying score, we can collaborate to match the tone of your project. Together we can discuss your project goals and how you want your audience to perceive the final product.

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